Mr Steven Ollis

At St John with St Mark, will strive to offer our children experiences outside of the classroom.

  • *We want our children to grow up as well rounded individuals who are able to make a positive contribution to society. 
  • *We want our children to develop their gifts & talents, then have the aspiration to use them. 
  • *We want our musicians to perform for live, paying audiences.
  • *We want our athletes to compete against the best of their peers.
  • *We want our children to have ideas worth sharing and the confidence to share them.
  • *We want our children to healthy and happy as they grow up. 

To help achieve these things and more, we have a range of activities and clubs on offer for the children incorporating a range of sporting activities, musical/choir groups and our School Council which is overseen by Miss Mills. 


School Council

The School Council meet regularly to discuss school life and put forward their ideas and views to help develop SJSM.

Our thoughts about School Council:

"I enjoy School Council because we look after the school. We help the environment and get involved with helping other people. One of my favourite memories is when we all went to visit the Mayor at the Town Hall. It was interesting to meet and discuss what she said."  


"I enjoy being in the School Council because I feel important. I think the suggestion box is a good idea and I like reading the suggestions and discussing them. I like it when Mr Ollis joins the meetings so we can discuss and tell him what we are doing"