British Values

At St John with St Mark CE Primary school we promote the basic British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and respect for those of different faiths and beliefs. We celebrate our diversity and understand that within this diversity there is strength.


Following on from the introduction of the Prevent Duty in 2015, I made links with a local agency called ADHAB. This agency, ran by Tan Ahmed, is set up to support the local community in the prevention of radicalisation.

As a result of this link and the high quality training provided to our staff by Tan, we were then invited to take part in an Active Citizens Project. This project works alongside the British Council and provides support around the world to schools. It helps support the inclusion of all children and enables staff to be trained on PREVENT.

Due to our strong focus on diversity and inclusion, we were asked to be one of the hosts for this exciting collaboration. The event involved us being visited, for the second year now, by a team of people. The visitors, who all work with children in their home countries, come from all over the world.

The feedback we received was as follows:

“The school is amazing; the children are so lovely with each other”

“The posters around school represent the children and it is a great idea”

“I love how your children know all about their heritage and are proud of it”

“Your staff are so supportive and that is so wonderful”

“We can’t wait to take these ideas back to our home countries”


We have agreed to take part in more projects in the future and will be forming more links as we go along.


Laura Entwistle – PREVENT lead at St John with St Marks CE Primary school.